CMA Instrumental Medical Insurance

Finding Health insurance can be time consuming and confusing. The team at Instrumental Healthcare can assist you in finding health coverage for you and your family. CMA partners with Pancoast Benefits to help you find the right health insurance. You do have options, so don’t wait—call us today!

  • A “Qualifying Event” would allow you to enroll in a health plan. Examples include losing employer coverage, turning age 26 and losing coverage, getting married, moving to a new state and having a child.
  • If you have a Qualifying Event, we can determine if you qualify for premium credits and, if so, help you enroll through the federal marketplace.
  • If a qualifying event is not an option, short term medical policies are available. These policies cover catastrophic medical events and provide valuable coverage.
  • Discounted services through Vanderbilt Health are available on policies purchased through Instrumental HealthCare (25% off deductible and coinsurance up to $2,000 per claim).

Complete and submit the form below to request a quote. You may also contact an Instrumental Healthcare Consultant by phone at 1-855-458-8486 (toll-free) or email at