CMA Instrumental Healthcare

Instrumental Healthcare is a partnership between CMA, Pancoast Benefits and Vanderbilt University Medical Center to provide CMA Members with access to a unique and substantial discount for medical services rendered through Vanderbilt.

CMA members who purchase an Individual Medical policy through Instrumental Healthcare or who are employed in a business that participates in the Country Music Association Member Health Plan will receive a 25% discount off their deductible and coinsurance at a Vanderbilt Health facility, up to a maximum of $2,000 per claim.

Country Music Association Member Health Plan with UnitedHealthcare

CMA has teamed up with Pancoast Benefits and UnitedHealthcare to offer our Country Music Association Member Health Plan, available to member business owners based in Tennessee that would like to offer health benefits to their employees. In collaboration with UnitedHealthcare, specially designed plans and rates can be offered to members with as few as two W-2 employees. Click here to learn more.

CMA Instrumental Healthcare Offerings

For more information on CMA plans:
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